First Nature Sanctuary in Frith Wood 2023

With much appreciated help from lots of people – SEE THANK YOUS BELOW! – we have created our first nature sanctuary in the Chalford Parish Council part of Frith Wood. It is a small area to the right of the path as you come in from the ‘Tesco entrance’. Why have a nature sanctuary? We all love the wood, but there is a big load on it from all the use. Nesting birds get disturbed by people and dogs and plants can get trampled, so we need some areas where we keep well out. If we had done nothing near this busy entrance, we would have lost more and more of a special area of the wood. Now we have a shelter for more varied plants, that help the insects. These in turn provide food for birds which can safely nest in an enclosed space, helped by the bird boxes … Continue reading First Nature Sanctuary in Frith Wood 2023