We are planting hazel in the CPC area of Frith Wood.

We are planting hazel in the CPC area of Frith Wood.

Hazel planting February

We are going to plant young hazels in the Parish Council owned part of the Frith Wood in time for Spring 2022. We hope you will support us and be part of this important step in our work to protect the wood for the future.

Hazels are the traditional Cotswold tree for the edges of woodland. They do very well in Frith Wood and are great for nature, including moth caterpillars. They have probably had a part in the wood for centuries. 

They have beautiful catkins and provide a shrubby layer which will help nesting birds, whose numbers are low in Frith Wood. They grow well with bluebells if kept coppiced (cut down to the ground and regrown every few years). This practice is also good for butterflies.

Cob nuts.
Cob nuts. These are a favourite fruit of grey squirrels, which is a mixed blessing for Frith Wood!

Bluebells in a hazel coppice

Would you like to support our hazel planting?

£6 will cover the cost of a young hazel and an environmentally friendly tree guard.

£10 will pay for the hazel and guard, and make a donation to a bird box or planting native woodland bulbs.

All donations will be used for our woodland management activity.

Planting with care and attention to the environment

Any human activity in the wood needs to be done with care. A small number of experienced planters will plant the trees, minimising their footprint.  We are using non-plastic tree guards and will protect the young trees as much as possible with natural materials. We are not buying new bamboo canes.

If you want to make a donation you will find out more here.

If you would like to find out more about joining our volunteers this is the page for you.

Thank you!